swine teachingSouth Farm Research Center is made up of many laboratories and research centers, including the Swine Research Center, the Beef Research Center, the Turf Center and the Horse Farm.

Researchers at the Swine Research Center are studying the effect of temperature on average daily gain; overall reproductive performance of sows at puberty age; reproductive performance using high-fiber diets; utilization of amino acids; embryo maturation and transfers; and in-vitro fertilization.

At the Beef Research Center researchers are looking at cattle performance on fescue pastures; maternal recognition of pregnancy; effects of backgrounding on feedlot cattle; and breeding resistance to fescue toxicity.

Research with horses evaluates the role of fescue toxicity in agalactia and stillbirth.

Research also is being conducted in the areas of turf grasses, poultry and entomology.

The MU Department of Agricultural Engineering is looking at machinery for one-pass incorporation and the effects of improper spray applications.

Additionally, the Missouri Foundation Seed program uses the South Farms to increase the sales of newly developed seed varieties to dealers.