South Farm Faculty

Justin Sexten
Beef Research and Teaching Area
Phone: 882-2829
On-Site Contact: Phillip Brooks

Tim Safranski
Swine Research and Teaching Area
Phone: 882-0304
On-Site Contact: Lyndle Vanskike

Duane Keisler
Sheep Research and Teaching Area
Phone: 882-1059

Marci Crosby
Horse Research and Teaching Area
Phone: 882-2060

Jeff Firman
Turkey Processing Facility
Phone: 882-9427

Lee Miller
Turf Research Area
Phone: 442-4893
On-Site Contact: Brad Fresenburg

David Braun
Agronomy Genetics Research Area
On-Site Contact: Chris Browne

Andrew Scaboo
Soybean Breeding
Phone: 882-4450
On-Site Contact: Kerry Clark

Wayne Bailey
On-Site Contact: Kerry Clark

Monty Kerley
Animal Science Feed Mill
Phone: 882-8801
On-Site Contact: Mike Schaffner

Rick Hofen
Foundation Seed
Phone: 884-7333

Mark Ryan
Fisheries and Wildlife
On-Site Contact: Charles Rabeni

Ken Sudduth
Ag Research Service – federal arm of Agricultural Engineering
Phone: 882-4090
On-Site Contact: Mike Krumpleman